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Azure provides greater range of cloud based services with added features. azure services are enhanced every month means services are introduced gradually in certain period of time.

Most commonly used features are as below :

  • Compute Services
  • Networking
  • Cloud Storage
  • Mobile
  • Databases
  • Web

Compute Services

Compute Services provides options for hosting applications and services. It includes virtual machines, containers and serverless computing including micro services (performing calculation, executing logic,running applications). Here are some examples of compute services in Azure:

  • Azure Virtual Machines : Windows or Linux virtual machines hosted in Azure
  • Azure Virtual Machine Scale Sets : Scaling for Windows or Linux VMs hosted in Azure
  • Azure Kubernetes Service : Enables management of a cluster of VMs that run containerized services
  • Azure Service Fabric : Distributed systems platform. Runs in Azure or on-premises
  • Azure Batch : Managed service for parallel and high-performance computing applications
  • Azure Container Instances : Provides containers without requiring VM provision or higher services
  • Azure Functions : An event-driven, serverless compute service

azure services compute


Azure networking function is to link compute resources and provide access to applications. Also includes different range of options to connect different regions in world to services and features in the global Microsoft Azure datacenters.

  • Azure Virtual Network : Connects VMs to incoming Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections
  • Azure Load Balancer : Balances inbound and outbound connections to applications or service endpoints
  • Azure Application Gateway : Optimizes app server farm delivery while increasing application security
  • Azure VPN Gateway : Accesses Azure Virtual Networks through high-performance VPN gateways
  • Azure DNS : Provides ultra-fast DNS responses and ultra-high domain availability
  • Azure Content Delivery Network : Delivers high-bandwidth content to customers globally.
  • Azure DDoS Protection : Protects Azure-hosted applications from distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks.
  • Azure Traffic Manager : Distributes network traffic across Azure regions worldwide
  • Azure ExpressRoute : Connects to Azure over high-bandwidth dedicated secure connections.
  • Azure Network Watcher : Monitors and diagnoses network issues using scenario-based analysis.
  • Azure Firewall : Implements high-security, high-availability firewall with unlimited scalability.
  • Azure Virtual WAN : Creates a unified wide area network (WAN), connecting local and remote sites

Azure Services Networking


Azure provides four main types of storage services as below

  • Azure Blob storage : Storage service for very large objects, such as video files or bitmaps
  • Azure File storage : File shares that you can access and manage like a file server
  • Azure Queue storage : A data store for queuing and reliably delivering messages between applications
  • Azure Table storage : A NoSQL store that hosts unstructured data independent of any schema

Each of these services shares common characteristics, which are:

  • Durable and highly available with redundancy and replication.
  • Secure through automatic encryption and role-based access control.
  • Scalable with virtually unlimited storage.
  • Managed, handling maintenance and any critical problems for you.
  • Accessible from anywhere in the world over HTTP or HTTPS.

Azure Services Storage

Services related to mobile are as below

Azure Services Mobile
Other features of this service include:

  • Offline data synchronization.
  • Connectivity to on-premises data.
  • Broadcasting push notifications.
  • Autoscaling to match business needs.


  • Azure Cosmos DB : Globally distributed database that supports NoSQL options
  • Azure SQL Database : Fully managed relational database with auto-scale, integral intelligence, and robust security
  • Azure Database for MySQL : Fully managed and scalable MySQL relational database with high availability and security
  • Azure Database for PostgreSQL : Fully managed and scalable PostgreSQL relational database with high availability and security
  • SQL Server on VMs : Host enterprise SQL Server apps in the cloud
  • Azure SQL Data Warehouse : Fully managed data warehouse with integral security at every level of scale at no extra cost
  • Azure Database Migration Service : Migrates your databases to the cloud with no application code changes
  • Azure Redis Cache : Caches frequently used and static data to reduce data and application latency
  • Azure Database for MariaDB : Fully managed and scalable MariaDB relational database with high availability and security

Azure Services Database


Web services in Azure include the following facilities:

  • Azure App Service : Quickly create powerful cloud apps for web and mobile.
  • Azure Notification Hubs : Send push notifications to any platform from any back end.
  • Azure API Management : Publish APIs to developers, partners, and employees securely and at scale.
  • Azure Search : Fully managed search as a service.
  • Web Apps feature of Azure App Service : Create and deploy mission-critical web apps at scale.
  • Azure SignalR Service : Add real-time web functionalities easily.

Azure Services Web 889x200

Azure services analytics includes as below

Azure Services Analytics
AI + Machine learning

Azure Services AI + Machine learning includes as below

Azure Services AI machine Learning
Internet of Things (IoT)

Azure Services Internet of things includes as below

Azure Services Internet of things

Azure Services Integration includes as below

Azure Services Integration

Azure Services identity includes as below

Azure Services Identity
Other Azure Service Categories

Other Azure Service Categories are as below

Azure Services 1295x695
Azure Services 1307x223
Azure Services 1289x793
azure cloud services pricing or Microsoft azure pricing

azure cloud services pricing or Microsoft azure pricing can be found out from the Microsoft link as here

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