cannot see files in document library in search results sharepoint

User cannot see files in document library and sharepoint 2019 search not returning results from specific document library.I came across this search error where user is trying to search documents selecting the option “search in same site” instead of “all sites” from search box and sharepoint search not returning results. User can find documents from other library with in same site but cannot see files in specific document library. The first point comes to mind for search error is content not crawled. Indexing not done for this situation and sharepoint search not working. As per my investigation I found the setting of the library as below.

cannot see files in document library sharepoint search

By default SharePoint only crawls major versions of files and draft items are only viewable by their creators. SharePoint is behaving as expected out of box.Draft items are not crawled in SharePoint for which user cannot see files in document library.


Resolve search result error for document library as below

  • Navigate to Document Library Settings -> Versioning Settings -> Draft Item Security.
  • Select option “Any user who can read items”.
  • This will allow all users to see draft items including the crawling account.
  • Else you need to select “Create major versions” option or can publish the documents as major versions if want to get those documents in search result as per client wish.
  • Reference link Click Here.

Applying above settings you will find document not showing in search sharepoint will start showing result.


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