Dismount Mount content database in sharepoint 2019 using powershell

As a sharepoint administrator you must be facing regular tasks to Dismount Mount content database in sharepoint 2019 using powershell. This is most common and frequest task everyone faces.

User requests to restore content database from sharepoint production environment for a particular date and time in UAT environment. In this case we use this content database back up and restore method by help of sql server team. After back and restore completed by sql team, as a sharepoint administrator we need to dismount the content database from web application and mount content database to web application at the destination location UAT.


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Request SQL database team to back up and restore with details as below.


Source Environment Production

Source WebApplication : https://Prod-sharepointtechnicalsupport.com
Prod Content database : WSS_Content_39760_Prod
Database Server : MSSQL-PROD

Destination Environement UAT

Destination WebApplication : https://UAT-sharepointtechnicalsupport.com
UAT Content database : WSS_Content_39760_UAT_22may2020   # This will be the name of restored Db
Database Server : MSSQL-UAT
Permission : Permissin maping WSS_Content_46298_2Jan2020 present in same server MSSQL-UAT and farm account "Administrator" should have admin permission in the content database.

As a sharepoint administrator, you need to dismount (Previously there must be some content Db attached in the UAT site for example: WSS_Content_46298_2Jan2020) and mount the restored content database (WSS_Content_39760_UAT_22may2020) in destination environment UAT.

You need to use the commands “Dismount-SPContentDatabase” and “Mount-SPContentDatabase” to finish the task.

Dismount-SPContentDatabase WSS_Content_46298_2Jan2020
Mount-SPContentDatabase "WSS_Content_39760_UAT_22may2020" -DatabaseServer "MSSQL-UAT" -WebApplication https://UAT-sharepointtechnicalsupport.com
Dismount Mount content database in sharepoint 2019

Follow the video below to get detail steps.


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