Improved list view threshold sharepoint 2016

Improved list view threshold sharepoint 2016

So as to increase the performance of large lists, new timer job is introduced which can be associated with particular WebApp. In particular list if threshold is increased to more than 2500 list items & auto indexing is enabled for the list then it creates auto index based on List view filter column.

It works as shown in following flow diagram.

Large list column index management Timer Job

This PowerShell script helps to start this timer job.

  • $webapp= Get-WebApplication -Name “Web Application Name”
  • Get-SPTimerJob -WebApplication $webapp -Identity job-list-automatic-index-management
  • Start-SPTimerJob -Identity job-list-automatic-index-management

Enable Auto Indexing for SharePoint List or Library

Auto indexing can be enabled from the list settings or with Powershell as below.

This is the script for enabling the automatic indexing with PowerShell.

  • $web = Get-SPWeb http://webUrl
  • $list = $web.Lists["List Name"]
  • $list.EnableManagedIndexes = $false
  • $list.Update()
  • $list.Fields | Select Title, Indexable

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