No devices found chromecast browser error

No devices found chromecast browser using as chrome is common for home network. Chromecast error in chrome browser while trying cast tab showing no devices found and not working in windows 10 laptop. Chromecast not discoverable and browser cannot find. I tried to follow lot of articles to fix this “No Cast Devices Found” or “No Cast Destination Found” Error. I tried to find out microsoft article since its definitely network settings related.

How to fix No devices found chromecast error

  • Navigate to All settings from windows 10 laptop. Click on Network and Internet.
network and internet windows 10
Network and Internet Windows 10
  • You can see your current connected network and network status as Private network.
network status
Network Status
  • Click on Wi-Fi from left navigation. Then click on change advanced sharing options from right.
change advanced sharing options network sharing
change advanced sharing options
  • Change sharing options for different network profiles window will open. Expand the tab Private. Select Turn on network discovery option. Click on Save changes to apply changes.
turn on network discovery privte network
turn on network discovery
  • No devices found chromecast browser cast tab should be resolved. Now from cast tab chromecast should be discoverable.
No Cast Destination chromecast browser cast tab resolved
No Cast Destination chromecast browser cast tab resolved

Once this setting is updated, after changing back to the previous option is still working for me. May be after some update, it may not show. But this is the recommended setting for chormecast.

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