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Automated SharePoint 2010/2013 PowerShell-based installation script. Introducing AutoSPInstaller v3 with numerous enhancements including: Granular SQL server assignment and aliasing for (almost) every service/web app (for control freaks) Centralized, remote installation to all farm servers Ability to specify any XML input file, by passing it as an argument to AutoSPInstallerLaunch.bat Several tweaks & fixes AutoSPInstaller now works reliably with SharePoint 2013, and of course SharePoint 2010 including Service Pack 1 for SP2010 (with or without the June 2011 CU)!

Documentation Toolkit for SharePoint – Document farm config

Documentation Toolkit for SharePoint allows SharePoint administators to easily create farm documentation, track and compare farm changes.


AutoSPSourceBuilder: a utility for building a SharePoint 2010 / 2013 install source including prerequisites, service packs, language packs & cumulative updates.

Utilizing PowerShell and BITS (Background Intelligent File Transfer), AutoSPSourceBuilder will download any missing files (wherever feasible) then assemble them to achieve an integrated, “slipstreamed” master source repository for your SP2010/2013 installation. You simply provide the original media (e.g. ISO file or extracted bits), and AutoSPSourceBuilder takes care of the rest!

SharePoint Administration | AvePoint

See how DocAve Administrator for Microsoft SharePoint 2010 simplifies the implementation and enforcement of SharePoint access and content provisioning governance policies.


GUI for the AutoSPInstaller Project

SharePoint 2013 Service Account Creator – Home

This project consists of a PowerShell script, some XML input files, which together provide a fully automated creation of the Service Accounts required for SharePoint Server 2013.

SharePoint Manager 2013

The SharePoint Manager 2013 is a SharePoint object model explorer. It enables you to browse every site on the local farm and view every property. – Free Windows Powershell Community

Visit this Microsoft Windows PowerShell Community for resources including free tools, scripts and chats with PowerShell experts

SharePoint Backup | AvePoint

See how DocAve Backup and Restore provides business-aware, comprehensive, SLA-driven protection of SharePoint environments, addressing the need for a fast, flexible, and intelligent backup solution.

10 Data Synchronisation Studio

A complete set of connectors for your systems Once you start using data sync your ability to deliver integration will multiply.

11 ULS Viewer – Home

ULSViewer allows users to open a ULS log file and display its contents in a user friendly format. Users can then perform advanced functions such as filtering, sorting, highlighting, loading logs, appending logs, etc in order to single out the data that is important to the user.

12 ControlPoint SharePoint Administration

ControlPoint for SharePoint Administration and SharePoint Governance

13 Windows PowerShell Command Builder for SharePoint 2013 Products and Office 365

Select a noun or verb to get started building a command. Drag and drop an item to the design surface to build a command.

14 AxioWorks Ltd | SQList

AxioWorks SQList allows developers to expose SharePoint content as normalised SQL Server database tables. This unique Windows service enables the integration of SharePoint with existing systems or can hugely accelerate the process of developing rich web based applications leveraging the advanced UI, workflow, and access control that SharePoint provides.

15 SharePoint ULS Log Viewer – Home

Project Description A windows application for viewing SharePoint ULS log files more easily. Supports filtering and easy viewing of data. Note: Many people have commented that since this projects release, Microsoft has released a viewer (by the same name!). It apparently has more features (although some problems of its own).

16 SPSD SharePoint Solution Deployer – Home

SharePoint Solution Deployer helps you to deploy SharePoint solution packages (.wsp) to multiple SharePoint environments. It deploys, retracts and upgrades one or more WSPs and can be extended to perform additional custom tasks in PowerShell before or afterwards. Unlike the most of the available scripts on the net, it performs all necessary prerequisite checks and post-deployment actions on all servers in the farm to assure the deployment runs smooth.

17 Windows PowerShell ISE

The Windows PowerShell Integrated Scripting Environment (ISE) is a host application for Windows PowerShell. In Windows PowerShell ISE, you can run commands and write, test, and debug scripts in a single Windows-based graphic user interface with multiline editing, tab completion, syntax coloring, selective execution, context-sensitive help, and support for right-to-left languages.

18 SharePoint analytics, web-analytics and reporting solution for SharePoint: HarePoint Analytics

HarePoint Analytics for SharePoint is a solution for web analytics, the source of detailed information on the performance of SharePoint-based portals and websites.

19 SharePoint Feature Administration and Clean Up Tool – Home

The Feature Admin Tool finds faulty FeatureDefinitions and cleanly uninstalls them.

It finds feature remainders in sites, SiteCollections, WebApps and in the Farm, caused e.g. by forcefully uninstalled Features from a farm without deactivating them before. These faulty features, never visible, cause errors.

20 ControlPoint FileLoader

ControlPoint FileLoader for Windows File Share Migration to SharePoint

21 SharePoint 2010 Administration Toolkit (SharePoint Server 2010)

New in SharePoint Administration Toolkit 2.0, the SharePoint Diagnostic Studio 2010 (SPDiag 3.0) provides SharePoint administrators with a unified interface that can be used to gather relevant information from a farm, display the results in a meaningful way, identify performance issues, and share or export the collected data and reports for analysis by Microsoft support personnel.

22 SharePoint Management PowerShell scripts – Home

This project site stores all the PowerShell scripts developed for SharePoint farms (WSS or MOSS) management.

Each script is available independently and can be modified as desired

We decided to create this project, because we develop in our Jobs many PowerShell scripts to manage all our SharePoint farms (WSS V3 and MOSS). Having this done, we’ve heard that many people could be interested to see, use and adapt that kind of scripts for their own needs.

23 Operational Intelligence, Log Management, Application Management, Enterprise Security and Compliance | Splunk

Splunk indexes and makes searchable data from any app, server or network device in real time including logs, config files, messages, alerts, scripts and metrics.

24 SharePoint Audit Log Translator

Tool for Translating SharePoint Audit Logs

25 Performance Analysis of Logs (PAL) Tool – Home

Analises your Performance Logs using sepcific SharePoint and SQL-Server criteria and creates a very useful HTML-Report.

26. SharePoint Migration Tools List

A list of SharePoint Migration Tools that can be used to move content between different versions of SharePoint and also from different applications, such as Lotus Notes.

27 Log Parser Studio – Exchange Team Blog – Site Home – TechNet Blogs

Anyone who regularly uses Log Parser 2.2 knows just how useful and powerful it can be for obtaining valuable information from IIS (Internet Information Server) and other logs. In addition, adding the power of SQL allows explicit searching of gigabytes of logs returning only the data that is needed while filtering out the noise.

28 SharePoint Analyzer v1.3 Now Available! – The Bamboo Team Blog – Bamboo Nation

Update: Release 1.5 (12/22/09) now available with client-side installation Two weeks ago, we promised that the next release of SharePoint Analyzer would be coming soon, and today we’re happy to announce that SharePoint Analyzer v1.3 is now available for download as a free beta release from Bamboo Labs.

29 SharePoint 2007 Developer and Administration Tools – Download: SharePoint 2007 Developer and Administration Tools

The SharePoint 2007 Developer and Administration Tools (SpDAT) aim to help both technical and non-technical administrators/developers of a SharePoint site to work faster. A set of features that add additional settings pages to manipulate your SharePoint site quickly.

30 2007 SharePoint Timer Job Administration – Home

The solution provides UI for managing SharePoint timer job schedule, disabling, adding or removing SharePoint timer jobs, updating persisted properties

31 Layer2 Business Data List Connector for External Data Integration

Solves many issues that still exist with SharePoint out-of-the-box external data Integration by integrating NATIVE lists in just minutes.

32 Nauplius.WAS

A SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013 solution allowing end users to leverage the Word Automation Services service in order to convert documents. Includes a SharePoint Designer 2010 and 2013 Workflow Custom Acitvity

33 Architect Suite | SharePoint Architecture Tools | MetaVis

MetaVis Architecture Suite for SharePoint offers content migration, metadata maintenance, content duplication, and taxonomy management. Download a 14-day trial.

34 PortQry Command Line Port Scanner Version 2.0

Download PortQryV2.exe, a command-line utility that you can use to help troubleshoot TCP/IP connectivity issues. Portqry.exe runs on Windows 2000-based computers.

35 Log Parser Lizard GUI – FREE Query Software – Lizard Labs

Log Parser Lizard GUI, the powerful and versatile query software from Lizard Labs, provides query access to all your text-based data.

36 Beyond Compare

Beyond Compare 3 is the ideal tool for comparing files and folders on your Windows or Linux system. Visualize changes in your code and carefully reconcile them.

37 SharePoint 2010 Autocomplete Lookup Field – Home

SharePoint 2010 Autocomplete Lookup field allows type ahead functionality while looking up values from the lookup list. It uses REST for specifying filters.

38 Export Version History Of SharePoint 2010 List Items to Microsoft Excel. – Home

Export version history can be used to export the version history of SharePoint 2010 List items to Microsoft Excel. It provides button in Ribbon to do bulk export and also in the ECB menu to export single items.

39 SharePoint Client Browser for SharePoint 2010 and 2013 – Home

Remote SharePoint development is getting more important. Especially with SharePoint Apps. To speed up development, find hidden lists/items/documents, discover the structure or specific artifact properties use the SharePoint Client Browser which supports both SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013.

40 SSL Diagnostics tool

The SSL Diagnostics tool is a very useful tool for troubleshooting SSL issues. It generates a detailed report of SSL settings for all the websites on an IIS server which helps in quickly identifying SSL issues.

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