Tab Completion Console Application PowerShell

PowerShell applications provide ways to help minimize typos by Tab Completion in Console Application.

The console application supports tab completion in four areas:

  • Type Get-S and press Tab a few times, then try pressing Shift-Tab. PowerShell will cycle back and forth through all of the potential matches—continue to press those keys until you’ve hit the command you want.
  • Type Dir, then a space, then C:\, and then hit Tab. PowerShell will start cycling through available file and folder names from the current folder.
  • Type Set-Execu, and hit Tab. Then type a space and a dash (-). Start pressing Tab to see PowerShell cycle through the parameters for the command. You could also type part of a parameter name, like -E, and press Tab to start cycling through matching parameters. Hit Escape to clear the command line.
  • Type Set-Execu again, and press Tab. Type a space, then -E, and hit Tab again. Type another space, and hit Tab again. PowerShell will cycle through the legal values for that parameter. This works only for parameters that have a predefined set of allowable values (the set is called an enumeration). Again, hit Escape to clear the command line—you don’t want to run that command yet.

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