what is hybrid cloud

what is hybrid cloud

The common question in every mind is what is hybrid cloud ? let me share in hybrid cloud azure combine on-premises infrastructure, or private clouds, with public clouds so organizations can reap the advantages of both. In a hybrid cloud, data and applications can move between private and public clouds for greater flexibility and more deployment options. For instance, you can use the public cloud for high-volume, lower-security needs such as web-based email and the private cloud (or other on-premise infrastructure) for sensitive, business-critical operations like financial reporting. In a hybrid cloud, “cloud bursting” is also an option. This is when an application or resource runs in the private cloud until there is a spike in demand (such as seasonal event like online shopping or tax filing), at which point the organization can “burst through” to the public cloud to tap into additional computing resources.

hybrid cloud benefits

Control : your organization can maintain a private infrastructure for sensitive assets.

Flexibility : you can take advantage of additional resources in the public cloud when you need them.

Cost-effectiveness : with the ability to scale to the public cloud, you pay for extra computing power only when needed.

Ease : Transitioning to the cloud does not have to be overwhelming because you can migrate gradually—phasing in workloads over time.

hybrid cloud providers

The top hybrid cloud providers are AWSAzureGoogleIBM

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