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Differences Between Sandboxed and Farm Solutions

Farm Solutions Farm solutions, which are hosted in the IIS worker process (W3WP.exe), run code that can affect the whole farm. When you debug a SharePoint project whose Sandboxed Solution property is set to “farm solution,” the system’s IIS application… Read More ›

Difference between claim based and classic authentication in sharepoint 2010

The following is an explanation of the 2 types of Authentication. This is well documented on the web! Classic Mode: This is nothing but Windows Authentication. If any web application is created with Classic Mode Authentication then it cannot applicable… Read More ›

Difference between Site page and Application page

Site Page : Site pages are pages that are created, edited, and customized by end users. They are primarily used for the content in a site. Site pages come in two types—a standard page and a Web Parts page. A… Read More ›

Difference between Granular Backup and Farm Backup

Granular Backup: Granular backup is used for backing up a specific sharepoint entity, like a site collection, web or a list. Granular has two main types which are site collections and Web site or list. These backup mainly focuses on… Read More ›