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Copy sharepoint views to other libraries powershell



Function Copy-SPView

Write-Host "Loading Sytem Modules "
Get-Module -listAvailable | import-module

if ( (Get-PSSnapin -Name Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue) -eq $null )
Write-Host "Loading Sharepoint Module "
Add-PSSnapin -Name Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell

if ( (Get-PSSnapin -Name Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell) -eq $null )
Write-Host "Failed to load sharepoint snap-in. Could not proceed further, Aborting …"

Start-SPAssignment -Global

$SPWeb  = Get-SPWeb -Identity $WebURL -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue
$SPWebT = Get-SPWeb -Identity $TargetURL -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue

$ignoreList = "Customized Reports","Form Templates","Shared Documents","Site Assets","Site Pages","Style Library","Master Page Gallery","Picture" + $SourceList + $IgnoreLibs

if($SPWeb -eq $null){ Write-Host "Unable to reach the provided URL, Aborting …" ;Exit }
if( ($SPWeb.Lists.TryGetList($SourceList) ) -eq $Null){ Write-Host "The list $SourceList is not availible, Aborting …"; Exit }
if($AsDefault -ne $True){$AsDefault = $False}


if( ($SourceLists.Views[$SourceView]) -eq $Null ){ Write-Host "The view $SourceView does not exist, Aborting …"; Exit  }
if($NewViewName -lt 1){ $NewViewName = $SourceView }

Go through each document library in the target site

$listIds = @();
$i = 0;

if($SPWebT -ne $null)

while ($i -lt $lists.Count)
$list = $lists[$i]

if($list.BaseType -eq "DocumentLibrary")
if ($Ignorelist -contains $list.Title)
write-host $list "is Ignored" -foregroundcolor Yellow -backgroundcolor Black
$view = $list.Views[$NewViewName]
if ($view -ne $null)
Write-Host "Updating existing view" -foregroundcolor Yellow -backgroundcolor Black


$Viewfields = $Sourcelists.Views[$SourceView].ViewFields.ToStringCollection()

Setting the Query for the View

$viewQuery = $Sourcelists.Views[$SourceView].Query
$viewName = $NewViewName

Finally – Provisioning the View

$myListView = $list.Views.Add($viewName, $viewFields, $viewQuery, 100, $True, $False, "HTML", $False)
Write-Host "Not all columns are availible in the target library" -foregroundcolor Yellow

You need to Update the View for changes made to the view

Updating the List is not enough

$myListView.DefaultView = $AsDefault

Write-Host "$viewName added to Library $list"
$i = $i + 1

Copy-SPView ($WebURL,$SourceList,$SourceView,$NewViewName)

Using this script it’s possible to copy views from a source library to any target library.
This includes copying views to libraries in other site collections / web applications or even other SharePoint servers!

Summary of possible variables:

– WebURL
URL of the source library
– SourceList
Displayname of the source library what contains the view
– SourceView
Name of the view that needs to be copied
– NewViewName
Name of the view in the target libraries. (if left empty the source view name will be used.)
– TargetURL
URL of the target site / site collection of web application (If left empty the libraries in the WebURL are being
– IgnoreLibs
Name of the libraries that need to be ignored.
(The script contains a list of SharePoint Household Libraries
that are ignored by default including the Source Library.)
“Customized Reports”,”Form Templates”,”Shared Documents”,”Site Assets”,”Site Pages”,
“Style Library”,”Master Page Gallery”,”Picture”

.Example 1

This example copies the view to all document libraries within the source URL

PS C:> .Copy-SPView.ps1 -WebURL <source URL> -SourceList <Your Source Library> -SourceView <Name of View>

.Example 2

This example copies the view to all document libraries within the target URL.

PS C:> .Copy-SPView.ps1 -WebURL <source URL> -SourceList <Your Source Library> -SourceView <Name of the View> -TargetURL “<Your target URL>”

.Example 3

This example shows all possible variables that are currently working.

PS C:> .Copy-SPView.ps1 -WebURL <source URL> -SourceList <Your Source Library> -SourceView <Name of the View> -TargetURL “<Your target URL>” -NewViewName “Rogier’s View” -IgnoreLibs “Shared Documents”

Please let me know if this was helpful