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failed to create configuration database

failed to create configuration database

There is an error "failed to create configuration database" while installing sharepoint 2016 with an addition message "sql server instance does not have the required "max degree of parallelism" setting of 1".

failed to create configuration database

What is Max Degree of Parallelism ?
When an instance of SQL Server runs on a computer that has more than one microprocessor or CPU, it detects the best degree of parallelism, that is, the number of processors employed to run a single statement, for each parallel plan execution. You can use the max degree of parallelism option to limit the number of processors to use in parallel plan execution. SQL Server considers parallel execution plans for queries, index data definition language (DDL) operations, and static and keyset-driven cursor population.

Read this for more details


How to fix it ?

  1. Open Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio
  2. Login with sysadmin user
  3. Right Click on instance name and select properties >> Advanced
  4. Change Max Degree of Parallelism to 1
  5. Restart the SQL Service


Failed to create configuration database 1920x1080

Failed to create configuration database exception SharePoint 2016

Error :

There was an error while running Install Prerequisite (prerequisiteinstaller.exe)  “Failed to create configuration database. An exception of type Microsoft.SharePoint.Upgrade.SPUpgradeException was thrown. Additional exception information: One or more types failed to load. Please refer to the upgrade log for more details.



you may face this issue while installing manually instead of using the prerequisiteinstaller.exe

Uninstall WcfDataServices and then reinstalling the WcfDataServices using the prequisiteinstaller.exe automatically or using command with the appropriate parameter.

prerequisiteinstaller.exe /wcfdataservices56: WcfDataServices.exe location

Then delete two databases from SQL Server which are created by previous psconfiguration and run Products Configuration Wizard again, it will be successful.