application pools in iis overview

application pools in iis overview

As defined in Internet Information Services (IIS) an application Pool is a collection of one or more URLs that are serviced by one or a set of worker processes. After installation of SharePoint, open IIS Manager. You will notice application pools in iis.


You must select an existing Application Pool or create a new pool whenever you create a service or web application in SharePoint Server.


application pools in iis allow multiple SharePoint websites to run on a single server without the processes or code in one site interacting with any other sites. This is primarily a security benefit, since any outside intrusion on one site is isolated. Also, problematic or poor code running on one site is isolated so that other sites on the server are unaffected. For these reasons, you should plan to use dedicated application pools to isolate authenticated content and separate applications that contain password information.

we can run powershell command to get all application pools.


we can search one or more application pool directly by running the below command.

Get-IISAppPool "DefaultAppPool","SharePoint - 37344"

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