Sharepoint 2013 – 404 Not Found while accessing site collection from outside

Error : I have a Sharepoint 2013 running on a Windows Server 2012. Following issue appeared: I made a new Site-Collection as wiki. Everything (links,…) works fine on the server but when I want to access the wiki from outside… Read More ›

Partial Index Reset of a single content source

Partial Index Reset of a single content source This script will remove and re-add your content source’s start addresses. SharePoint will more or less rebuild the index for these sources, when the next full crawl is started. $sourceName = “Local… Read More ›

IIS Reset on all SP Servers using PowerShell

This script will list all SP Servers and restarts IIS on all of them. add-PSSnapin microsoft.sharepoint.powershell $spserver = get-spserver | ?{$_.role -eq “Application”} foreach ($server in $spserver) { write-host “Performing IIS Reset on Server:”$server.name iisreset $server.Name }