log management open source

In this article we will discuss about log management open source. How to manage log using powershell. Below are points we will check using powershell.

SharePoint search crawl properties storage locations

When gathering files from a content source, the SharePoint 2013 Crawl Component can be very I/O intensive process – locally writing all of the files it gathers from content repositories to its to temporary file paths and having them read by the Content Processing Component during document parsing. This post can help you understand where the Crawl Components write temporary files, which can help in planning and performance troubleshooting (e.g. Why does disk performance of my C:\ drive get so bad – or worse, fill up – when I start a large crawl?)

16 Hive directories default location SharePoint 2016

16 Hive directories default location SharePoint 2016: 16 Hive directories default location SharePoint 2016 path is as below C:\Program Files\Common files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\16 Folder Structure : The 16 Hive has a definite folder structure which holds the core SharePoint… Read More ›

Activate site Features create APP in Site Contents SharePoint2016

Today I successfully installed SharePoint Server 2016 on-premises overcoming few errors related to prerequisite as per my previous posts. You can see below previous posts : Windows Server Appfabric: Installation error SharePoint 2016 Cannot connect to database master at SQL… Read More ›

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