Default site templates id sharepoint online using powershell

How to find Default site templates id sharepoint online using powershell. Follow step by step process to get Default site templates id sharepoint online list usign powershell.

Activate site Features create APP in Site Contents SharePoint2016

Today I successfully installed SharePoint Server 2016 on-premises overcoming few errors related to prerequisite as per my previous posts. You can see below previous posts : Windows Server Appfabric: Installation error SharePoint 2016 Cannot connect to database master at SQL… Read More ›

Save site as a template publishing site SharePoint 2013

We all know that SharePoint doesn’t support saving publishing sites as a template. I don’t recommend doing that anyway as the produced template will have errors and isn’t reliable to be used in production to create new sites off of. However, sometimes as a developer you need to save a publishing site as a template to see how SharePoint packages things. This can help you build your own custom web template which is a neat thing and replaces the need to save a publishing site as template.

Unable to save site as template “unexpected error has occurred”

User has raised the problem ticket by mentioning facing problem while save site as template, additionally the templates are getting saved in the solution gallery but not able to activate it also.

SharePoint 2013 Site Template ID List for PowerShell

Below table, you can find SharePoint 2013 Site Template ID list, for reference.Template IDTitleGLOBAL#0Global templateSTS#0Team SiteSTS#1Blank SiteSTS#2Document WorkspaceMPS#0Basic Meeting WorkspaceMPS#1Blank Meeting WorkspaceMPS#2Decision Meeting WorkspaceMPS#3Social Meeting WorkspaceMPS#4Multipage Meeting WorkspaceCENTRALADMIN#0Central Admin SiteWIKI#0Wiki SiteBLOG#0BlogSGS#0Group Work SiteTENANTADMIN#0Tenant Admin SiteAPP#0App TemplateAPPCATALOG#0App Catalog SiteACCSRV#0Access Services SiteACCSRV#1Assets… Read More ›

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