Project Server

Project Active Directory Connection Failed Project Server

Element ID / Rule name: Project_Active_Directory_Connection_Failed Summary: ∗ This monitor indicates that Microsoft Project Web App could not access the Active Directory directory service. ∗ When an administrator browses to the “Active Directory Enterprise Resource Pool Synchronization” or “Add or… Read More ›

How to rename an MS Project file

1.In PWA, change project name to the new title and update project ID 2.From SharePoint site, Site Actions, Site Settings, Title, Description, and Icons setting, rename the Title and the URL name 3.In PWA from ‘Server Settings’, select ‘Project Sites’… Read More ›

Clean MS Project Local Cache

Never open MS Project files directly from your cache, you should always open from the saved location (typically the MS Project Server) to get the most recent version.  You should periodically clean your cache, to prevent any issues opening or… Read More ›

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