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Internal server error exception when users perform a search in SharePoint


When users perform a search in a Microsoft SharePoint environment, they receive the following error message:

Internal server error exception:

Troubleshoot issues with Microsoft SharePoint Foundation

Additionally, the following critical exception may be written to the ULS log of the SharePoint Web front-end server:

Process: OWSTIMER.EXE (0x1CE0)

Product: SharePoint Foundation

Category: Topology

EvendID: 8031

An exception occurred while updating addresses for connected app {eaf6c00c-cc3f-460e-8bf2-ad9b991ea6ea_aa16845d-045a-46bc-bbc6-d701ff13950d}. The uri endpoint information may be stale. System.InvalidOperationException: The requested application could not be found at Microsoft.SharePoint.SPTopologyWebServiceApplicationProxy.ProcessCommonExceptions(Uri endpointAddress, String operationName, Exception ex, SPServiceLoadBalancerContext context) at Microsoft.SharePoint.SPTopologyWebServiceApplicationProxy.ExecuteOnChannel(String operationName, CodeBlock codeBlock) at Microsoft.SharePoint.SPTopologyWebServiceApplicationProxy.GetEndPoints(Guid serviceId) at Microsoft.SharePoint.SPConnectedServiceApplicationAddressesRefreshJob.Execute(Guid targetInstanceId) bf94139a-66f8-4aab-af31-406a5ebb6db9


This issue occurs when the Search service application proxy is associated with a web application but is not associated with any Search service applications in the farm.


To allow users to search without receiving this error message, reassociate the web application with a valid Search service application proxy. A valid Search service application proxy will be associated with a Search service application in the Manage service applications option. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Open Central Administration.
  2. Click Manage web applications.
  3. Select the affected web application.
  4. On the ribbon, click Service Connections.
  5. Under Configure Service Application Associations, select the valid Search service application proxy check box.



Failed to get the server time zone id. Exception: Microsoft.SharePoint.SPEndpointAddressNotFoundException: There are no addresses available for this application

Error : Failed to get the server time zone id.Exception: Microsoft.SharePoint.SPEndpointAddressNotFoundException: There are no addresses available for this application. 

When I check the View Web Analytics Reports from Central Admin on Production, it throws the above error though it works on Test environment.

To resolve this, I have performed the following steps by looking at the ULS Logs.

Navigate to Central Administration 

System Settings and click on Manage Services on Server

Stopped the following two services though it was already started

  • Web Analytics Data Processing Service
  • Web Analytics Web Service

Started the above two services but when I check View Web Analytics Report, doesn’t seem to work.

On Further checks found the Manage Metadata Service App wasn’t able to retrieve the metadata

Stopped and Started the Managed Metadata Web Service

This resolved the issue for me now able to view the Web Analytics Reports from Central Admin

If it doesn’t work, check the ULS logs to identify and troubleshoot  the issue.