Crawl error Processing this item failed because of an unknown error when trying to parse its contents sharepoint

During various search troubleshooting i came across the following crawling error in the Crawl log of a SharePoint 2013 environment.

Processing this item failed because of an unknown error when trying to parse its contents. (Error parsing document ‘http://********.*****.com/Project/abcd/Q_M/ABX/SitePages/Homepage.aspx’. Sandbox worker pool is
closed.; ; SearchID = *******************)

In order to fix this you can try to perform the following action plan:
Open “Local Policies
Click on “User rights assignment


Make sure that the search service account has the following rights:
Replace a process level token


Adjust memory quotas for a process


Impersonate a client after authentication


Please make sure that the policies don’t get changed afterwards.

After implementing the above changes please run a clear configuration cache
After clearing the cache, start a full crawl and the errors should be gone.

Retrive account password powershell

Start SharePoint Service Application Proxy using Powershell

If your Usage and Health Data Collection Proxy is in a stopped state here is a quick bit of PowerShell to to get it started:

$sap = Get-SPServiceApplicationProxy | where-object {$_.TypeName -eq “Usage and Health Data Collection Proxy”}

The above can easily be adapted to allow you to start any Service Application Proxy

“Unable to render the data. If the problem persists, contact your web server administrator.” error in SharePoint 2016 BCS

Created an external list SharePoint 2016 using business data connectivity services, configured secure store target application and created external list in SharePoint.
The external list displayed this error message with a correlation ID.

“Unable to render the data. If the problem persists, contact your web server administrator.”


ULS Log viewer found this message in the logs:

Error while executing web part: Microsoft.BusinessData.Infrastructure.BdcException: The shim execution failed unexpectedly – Unable to obtain the application proxy for the context.. —> Microsoft.Office.SecureStoreService.Server.SecureStoreServiceException: Unable to obtain the application proxy for the context.


The web application is not associated with the secure store service application.

  • Go to SharePoint Central Administration site
  • Application management >> Click on Configure service application associations under Service Applications.
  • select the web application in which your site exist, Check the “Application proxy group” column >> Make sure the BDC and secure store service applications check boxes checked.


Query 0 Server Not Responding – Event ID 2587

Error :

Windows 2008 R2 (x64)
SharePoint 2010

Windows 2008 R2 (x64)
SQL 2008

Services running on SERVER1: (none as localsystem, localservice, networkservice)

SharePoint 2010 Administration (started/auto)

SharePoint 2010 Timer (started/auto)

SharePoint 2010 Tracing (started/auto)

SharePoint 2010 User Code Host (stopped/disabled)

SharePoint 2010 VSS Writer (stopped/manual)

SharePoint Foundation Search V4 (started/manual)

SharePoint Server Search 14 (started/manual)


Search/indexing is not working, and in return, backups are failing claiming:

Failure Message Object Query-0 (D: on SERVER1) failed in event On Backup

Search Service Application reports:

Index Partition – 0 – SERVER2Search_Service_Application_PropertyStoreDB_9a482efd99954748a062952a3d2617d7

Query Component 0 SERVER1 Not Responding

System Event Log on SERVER1 reports:

Event ID 2587

The following conditions are currently affecting index propagation to this server for search service application ‘Search Service Application’:

1. Query 0, catalog Main: failing to copy index files from crawl component 0 for 1490 minutes. Access is denied. 0x80070005

2. Query 0 is not being automatically disabled because the minimum number of ready query components per partition is 2.

Solution :

  1. Please try to disconnect the query server from the search topology,
  2. stop the Search service in central admin, clear the index files in the query server.
  3. After that, starts the search service instance using Start-SPServiceInstance PowerShell.

Run the following PowerShell to reset the Query server:

$ssa = Get-SPEnterpriseSearchServiceApplication -Identity “SSAName”
$queryComponents = $ssa | Get-SPEnterpriseSearchQueryTopology -Active | Get-SPEnterpriseSearchQueryComponent
$component = $queryComponents | where {$_.ServerName -eq “QueryServerName” }

Internal server error exception when users perform a search in SharePoint


When users perform a search in a Microsoft SharePoint environment, they receive the following error message:

Internal server error exception:

Troubleshoot issues with Microsoft SharePoint Foundation

Additionally, the following critical exception may be written to the ULS log of the SharePoint Web front-end server:

Process: OWSTIMER.EXE (0x1CE0)

Product: SharePoint Foundation

Category: Topology

EvendID: 8031

An exception occurred while updating addresses for connected app {eaf6c00c-cc3f-460e-8bf2-ad9b991ea6ea_aa16845d-045a-46bc-bbc6-d701ff13950d}. The uri endpoint information may be stale. System.InvalidOperationException: The requested application could not be found at Microsoft.SharePoint.SPTopologyWebServiceApplicationProxy.ProcessCommonExceptions(Uri endpointAddress, String operationName, Exception ex, SPServiceLoadBalancerContext context) at Microsoft.SharePoint.SPTopologyWebServiceApplicationProxy.ExecuteOnChannel(String operationName, CodeBlock codeBlock) at Microsoft.SharePoint.SPTopologyWebServiceApplicationProxy.GetEndPoints(Guid serviceId) at Microsoft.SharePoint.SPConnectedServiceApplicationAddressesRefreshJob.Execute(Guid targetInstanceId) bf94139a-66f8-4aab-af31-406a5ebb6db9


This issue occurs when the Search service application proxy is associated with a web application but is not associated with any Search service applications in the farm.


To allow users to search without receiving this error message, reassociate the web application with a valid Search service application proxy. A valid Search service application proxy will be associated with a Search service application in the Manage service applications option. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Open Central Administration.
  2. Click Manage web applications.
  3. Select the affected web application.
  4. On the ribbon, click Service Connections.
  5. Under Configure Service Application Associations, select the valid Search service application proxy check box.