How to reset a corrupt search index in SharePoint 2013 in case the reset index is not working

On a recent SharePoint 2013 deployment, I faced a strange issue, wherein the search index got corrupted and I was not able to reset the index. Although, I was able to get to the reset index screen and the reset… Read More ›

How to Fix SharePoint 2013 Slow Performance

You may have noticed that the hardware requirements for SharePoint 2013 Server are quite hefty. Many SharePoint 2013 performance issues have been attributed to lack of resources.  Although meeting the minimum performance specs is highly recommended, you can tweak SharePoint… Read More ›

Administer search in SharePoint Server 2013

Manage the search schema in SharePoint Server 2013   Learn how to view, add, edit, map, and delete crawled properties, crawled property categories and managed properties in the search schema. Manage the Search Center   Learn about pages that are… Read More ›

Configure properties of the Search Box Web Part

When you create an Enterprise Search Center site collection as described in Create a Search Center site in SharePoint Server 2013, SharePoint 2013 creates a default search home page and a default search results page. In addition, several pages known… Read More ›

Create a Search Topology in SharePoint 2013

As you may remember in SharePoint 2010 you had a specific user interface to create and reconfigure your enterprise Search topology, in the Search Service applications management.  There you can create, edit and remove the following components: Admin component Crawl… Read More ›

FAST Search Server SharePoint 2010

Benefits we get:   * Now you can see thumbnails and previews of your word or PowerPoint files in the search result page. Power point files can be previewed without opening file or even with a PowerPoint client or with… Read More ›