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change maximum upload file size limit in sharepoint

maximum upload file size limit need to increase or decrease in sharepoint when we receive request from user. User facing issue like “file size exceeds the limit allowed” when trying to upload file of size large. Then user request to increase sharepoint upload file size limit for site. SharePoint administrator can follow any one of the two methods below.

Dismount Mount content database in sharepoint 2019 using powershell

As a sharepoint administrator you must be facing regular tasks to Dismount Mount content database in sharepoint 2019 using powershell. This is most common and frequest task everyone faces. User requests to restore content database from sharepoint production environment for a particular date and time in UAT environement

zones in sharepoint

This post describes about what are zones in sharepoint. how many default zones are available. Zones are different logical paths expressed as URLs that allow access to the same web application. The default zone in sharepoint is 5. A web application can support up to five Default Zones. The available zone names are Default, Extranet, Intranet, Internet, and Custom.