SharePoint 2019

Reprovision sharepoint search service

Reprovision sharepoint server search service when there is a situation where you find status of sharepoint server search service in stopping state. When there is an issue in search service application and its component due to which sharepoint search is not working. You need to restart service sharepoint server search. While restart, you find the sharepoint server search service stuck stopping state. In that case this post is helpful.

add server to farm in sharepoint

You need to add server to farm in sharepoint, then follow the stp by step below. Let’s say, there is some issue due to which you disconnected web front-end server from sharepoint farm. Once issue resolved, you need to join web front-end server to farm again.

Backup restore site collection sharepoint

Backup restore site collection sharepoint is the mostly requested task for administrator. As an admin, you should know how to backup sharepoint site collection. When you need to migrate site collection from one environemnt to another environent Example Production to QA mostly, we follow the sharepoint back up restore method. It can be sharepoint content database backup restore method or only backup and restore site using powershell method.

SharePoint administrator roles and responsibilities

Understanding SharePoint administrator roles and responsibilities is very important. You might be thinking what are actually sharepoint administrator responsibilities tasks list are. What are administrative support duties. Sharepoint administrator responsibilities categorized as daily task, weekly task and monthly task.