maximum number of site collections per content database

For Particular Requirement, client want to dedicate a database for a single site collection. When we create a site collection from central admin, site is placed automatically in any available content database. To prevent any other sites to be created on the particular content database, We can set maximum number of site collection on particular content database. read full article for details.

Basic powershell cmdlet sharepoint

Basic powershell cmdlet sharepoint Below are the very basic powershell cmdlet for sharepoint which would be very helpful. Get-Command -Noun SP* Get-Help Get-SPSite Get-Help Get-SPSite -Examples PS C:\Users\de.prasad.adm> Get-Command -Noun SPSite CommandType Name ModuleName Backup-SPSite Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell Copy-SPSite Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell Get-SPSite Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell… Read More ›