Workflow Manager

Workflow Manager Disaster Recovery

Workflow Manager is an added value to the SharePoint 2013, in the previous versions workflow was part of the SharePoint on SharePoint 2013 there are 2 flavors you can use when developing workflows the first one is the SharePoint 2010… Read More ›

Installing Workflow Manager Offline

Microsoft has introduced new Workflow engine and concept with SharePoint 2013 called Workflow Manager. The SharePoint 2013 Workflow platform uses the new Workflow Manager service. Workflow Manager is built on top of Windows Workflow Foundation. Windows Workflow Foundation is part… Read More ›

SharePoint 2013 Workflow Manager possible issues and fixes

1.Error: Unable to properly communicate workflow service. Resolution : Re-installed workflow manager by removing FQDN(servername.domainname) with Service Bus 1.0 cumulative update 1. Do not use FQDN (fully qualified domain name). Ex: à SP2013DEV01SP2013DEV01 Reference: For Install and Uninstall Workflow… Read More ›

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