parse error processing item failed sharepoint

parse error processing this item failed because of an unknown error when trying to parse its contents There is parse error found in the Crawl log of a SharePoint 2013 environment. Processing this item failed because of an unknown error when… Read More ›

Slow SharePoint improve performance without upgrading hardware

what you can do if your SharePoint is sometimes very slow. E.g.: on the first start of a SiteSometimes during the day a search query will take about a minute until you get results….. Just look on that article:… Read More ›

Crawling error when attempting to download item

There is error in crawling in the SharePoint environment and the error message is “The SharePoint item being crawled returned an error when attempting to download the item for example .aspx files” Crawling Error: SharePoint Crawl Log Error: The SharePoint… Read More ›

SharePoint 2010 Cannot add the specified assembly to the GAC

Error: “Cannot add the specified assembly to the GAC in SharePoint 2010” We had a solution deployed numerous times as it houses a line of business process in SharePoint 2010. On performing Upgrade Solution via stsadm or Update-Solution via Power… Read More ›

Workflow Manager Disaster Recovery

Workflow Manager is an added value to the SharePoint 2013, in the previous versions workflow was part of the SharePoint on SharePoint 2013 there are 2 flavors you can use when developing workflows the first one is the SharePoint 2010… Read More ›

How it works: SharePoint’s Site Use Confirmation and automatic Deletion setting

Recently, I was asked exactly how the Site Confirmation and Deletion feature works in SharePoint? Does the timer restart when a user visits the site? Does the feature look at the some field and then reset the value in a… Read More ›

Extend a Web application

If you want to expose the same content in a Web application to different types of users by using additional URLs or authentication methods, you can extend an existing Web application into a new zone. When you extend the Web… Read More ›

storage related performance issues sharepoint

Here are five storage-related issues in SharePoint that can kill performance, with tips on how to resolve or prevent them. Problem #1: Unstructured data takeover. The primary document types stored in SharePoint are PDFs, Microsoft Word and PowerPoint files, and… Read More ›

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