sharepoint search

Degraded index partition yellow warning

Degraded index partition yellow exclamation mark waring for sharepoint search index partition noticed. Sharepoint search correlation id error when user try to search.

Reprovision sharepoint search service

Reprovision sharepoint server search service when there is a situation where you find status of sharepoint server search service in stopping state. When there is an issue in search service application and its component due to which sharepoint search is not working. You need to restart service sharepoint server search. While restart, you find the sharepoint server search service stuck stopping state. In that case this post is helpful.

cannot see files in document library in search results sharepoint

User cannot see files in document library and sharepoint search not returning results from specific document library.I came across this search error where user is trying to search documents selecting the option “search in same site” instead of “all sites” from search box and sharepoint search not returning results. User can find documents from other library with in same site but cannot see files in specific document library.