sharepoint services

Reprovision sharepoint search service

Reprovision sharepoint server search service when there is a situation where you find status of sharepoint server search service in stopping state. When there is an issue in search service application and its component due to which sharepoint search is not working. You need to restart service sharepoint server search. While restart, you find the sharepoint server search service stuck stopping state. In that case this post is helpful.

kill windows service stuck at stopping

Every infracture admin need to know the steps to force stop or kill windows service stuck at stopping by pid using taskkill or powershell. Think about a situation, you are trying to stop a windows service but its stuck at stopping status. Means service stopping hung and not responding. In this case we need to force kill windows service either by using taskkill in command line (cmd) or by powershell. Follow the step by step commands to apply in cmd for force stop service windows server.

start stop manage services in windows server with powershell

This post is all about how to start stop manage services in windows server with powershell. We will discuss the start service powershell command, stop service powershell command, Killing Windows Service that Hangs on Stopping or Not Responding command, how to get service powershell command, how to set service startup type powershell command.