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Nintex feature id in SharePoint

Nintex feature id error messages in SharePoint related to nintex workflow features, you may face. Similar to SharePoint feature id, you need the nintex feature id to get understand the error more.

SharePoint 2019 feature id feature using powershell

SharePoint 2019 feature id and feature list you can find out using powershell. You will understand basic powershell commands related to Get-SPFeature so as to get sharepoint feature id details and features related ot this sharepoint feature id. Follow step by step procesure to find out how to get sharepoint 2019 features id and features.

New feature Per-machine install of sync client

By introduction of the New feature Per-machine install of sync client, you can install OneDrive under the “Program Files (x86)” directory, means all profiles on the machine will use the same OneDrive.exe binary. There will be a single version of OneDrive on the machine and a single update to download. Other than where the sync client is installed, everything else stays the same.

ViewFormPagesLockDown feature Unable to setup uniquely secured permission

I remembered once faced an error where user having Contribute permission to folder in the library but getting access denied. This issue in entire site collection. User with unique permission to list, folders are not able to view the page. The issue resolved by changing ViewFormPagesLockDown feature to Disable. Below article describes all about the information about ViewFormPagesLockDown feature Unable to setup uniquely secured permission.