FAST Search Server SharePoint 2010

Benefits we get:
* Now you can see thumbnails and previews of your word or PowerPoint files in the search result page. Power point files can be previewed without opening file or even with a PowerPoint client or with office web application.
* By using office application office files can be opened in the browser.
* FAST search provides visual best bets which are pictures or videos that are best bets for several key words.
* FAST Search provides the capability of result refining on metadata associated with all results.
* SharePoint search provides powerful social capabilities search like based on user information like department, skills, city etc.
* Each property can be the base of sorting, configured in the “Sort by” field.
* You can see similar search result in FAST search.
* FAST Search supports language-specific search.
* In FAST Search, custom queries can be set up using the native query language for FAST.
* FAST Search Server 2010 can be scale-out up to 500 million items.
* Can be possible relevance ranking.
* Easy-to-configure sorting and refinement.

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