storage related performance issues sharepoint

Here are five storage-related issues in SharePoint that can kill performance, with tips on how to resolve or prevent them. Problem #1: Unstructured data takeover. The primary document types stored in SharePoint are PDFs, Microsoft Word and PowerPoint files, and… Read More ›

Cache Monitoring SharePoint 2013

SharePoint 2013 provides three types of caches that help improve the speed at which web pages load in the browser: the BLOB cache, the ASP.NET output cache, and the object cache. The BLOB cache is a disk-based cache that stores… Read More ›

Implement remote blob storage SharePoint 2013

During my journey of installing, configuring and exploring SharePoint I came across an issue implementing Remote BLOB Storage (RBS). In the first place I tried to configure RBS using the explanation on TechNet: Install and configure RBS in a SharePoint… Read More ›