Tips Tricks Distributed Cache Service SharePoint2013

If you, like me, are playing with SharePoint 2013 or if you have plans to migrate/deploy SharePoint 2013, you may have already heard about Distributed Cache (a.k.a. Velocity or AppFabric).  […]

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Repairing distributed cache with PowerShell

* Recently we had issues with our distributed cache system that was set up on are farm quite some time ago when I built it with SPAuto-Installer.  This could have been from rolling out cumulative updates or what have you.  There is very little documentation on the web for this.

*  In our case we had 4 servers (2 web front-ends and 2 application servers)  all with the distributed cache enabled.  Only one server was running the distributed cache.

*  The correct topology for distributed cache is for it to exist on the web front-ends.  So we made some changes to the farm.

* Clean up all 4 Servers using the following commands:

Go through the post in details for the script

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