Managed Path sharepoint

Let me document the Frequently Asked Questions on SharePoint Managed Paths during my training sessions: What is Managed Path in SharePoint? A managed path is a location within a web […]

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Repairing distributed cache with PowerShell

* Recently we had issues with our distributed cache system that was set up on are farm quite some time ago when I built it with SPAuto-Installer.  This could have been from rolling out cumulative updates or what have you.  There is very little documentation on the web for this.

*  In our case we had 4 servers (2 web front-ends and 2 application servers)  all with the distributed cache enabled.  Only one server was running the distributed cache.

*  The correct topology for distributed cache is for it to exist on the web front-ends.  So we made some changes to the farm.

* Clean up all 4 Servers using the following commands:

Go through the post in details for the script

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Performance Test SharePoint

If you work on a team responsible for the delivery of SharePoint into your organization there’s usually a mountain of tasks to complete before making it live. One of the most vital tasks is to make sure that SharePoint is “fast” enough to meet the requirements of your users. If you get performance problems after going live this can easily ruin all of your hard work and – even worse – your users will think SharePoint sucks!

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Site not appear in IIS Manager,error opening in SharePoint Designer

I have created a site collection and then create two team sites on sharepoint server. Sites are working fine from central Admin but they are not appearing in IIS manager. Also when I try to edit a sharepoint site on SharePoint designer 2010 following error comes.

Go through the post in deatils for cause and solution

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