SharePoint sites not opening locally IIS Error

I am having this strange problem . All of a sudden all of the new sites created in the SharePoint are not opening locally. And even iis is failing to pick up the ip binding with a site. All my existing sites when browsed from IIS manager are giving certificate error and ultimately showing connection problem error. Only thing that was done was the patching this week. I have no idea why all this is happening. Has any one faced similar problems before.

Solution :

  • try stopping the Foundation Web service on the affected farm member and re-starting it.

  • If you were adding SSL certs to the IIS sites, it may be a case of attempting to use the same IP with different SSL certificates across IIS web sites. ┬áIIS 7.5 and below do not support SNI, so you have to have a unique IP:SSL Cert combination, or get a Wildcard or SAN certificate instead.