create add a content database in sharepoint 2019

create add a content database is the most common and frequent task in sharepoint 2019 for an administrator. Tasks during sharepoint migration, database upgrade, back up restore of content database, admin follows one of task to add a content database in web application. We can follow manual process of from sharepoint central admin UI method or by using powershell. So in this post will discuss how to create content database.


add a content database in sharepoint using UI method

Follow the step by step procedure to add a content database to web application.

  • Open sharepoint central admin.
  • Click on “Application Management” from left navigation.
  • Click on “Manage content databases” present under “Database”.
manaage content databases in shaarepoint 2019
  • Click on “Add a content database”.
Add a content database in sharepoint 2019
  • Enter “Database Server” name.
  • Enter “Database Name” present under “Database Name and Authentication”.
  • Enter “Number of sites before a warning event is generated”. Once number of sites reached to this number, will send warning mail to admin.
  • Enter “Maximum number of sites that can be created in this database”. This would be the maximum number of site collections can be created. Finally click on “OK”.
database capacity settings database name
  • Content databse is created and available in sql db server as below.
content database in sql database server
content database added to web application

create content database in sharepoint using powershell

We can use powershell command to add a content database instead of following multiple options from central admin. Run the powershell cmdlet New-SPContentDatabase as below to add a new content database.

New-SPContentDatabase "WSS_Content_9999" -DatabaseServer "WIN-56R9D2TBFOB" -WebApplication http://win-56r9d2tbfob:39760/ -MaxSiteCount 20 -WarningSiteCount 19
adding content database to web application using powershell

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