Storage Locations for files gathered by the Crawl Component sharepoint 2013

When gathering files from a content source, the SharePoint 2013 Crawl Component can be very I/O intensive process – locally writing all of the files it gathers from content repositories to its to temporary file paths and having them read by the Content Processing Component during document parsing. This post can help you understand where the Crawl Components write temporary files, which can help in planning and performance troubleshooting (e.g. Why does disk performance of my C:\ drive get so bad – or worse, fill up – when I start a large crawl?)

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SharePoint 2010 Search result Not found documents for a specific library in specific SharePoint site

I came across a situation where user is trying to search documents selecting the option “search in same site” instead of “all sites” from search box and getting no result where as can find documents from other library with in same site.

Why such happens ?

The first point comes to mind for search error is content not crawled, indexing not done for this situation.

Yes , its true but we need to think why ?

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Move Search Index Location SharePoint 2013

Move Search Index Location in SharePoint 2013

SharePoint 2013 places the Search index in the C: by default. There are many reasons why you would want to move the index to a different places.
This script will take three parameters, the Search Service Name, the Server Name and Index Location. There is an example on the bottom of the script.

Please Go through the Script for Detail Information.

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