Unable to save site as template “unexpected error has occurred”

User has raised the problem ticket by mentioning facing problem while save site as template, additionally the templates are getting saved in the solution gallery but not able to activate it also.

Difference between Site page and Application page

Site Page : Site pages are pages that are created, edited, and customized by end users. They are primarily used for the content in a site. Site pages come in two types—a standard page and a Web Parts page. A… Read More ›

Access Requests Explained for SharePoint 2013 – With a Script to Assign Default Groups

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How it works: SharePoint’s Site Use Confirmation and automatic Deletion setting

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SharePoint 2013 Host Name Site Collections

Intro to Host Name Site Collections (HNSC) Host Name Site Collections are the answer to simplifying and consolidating SharePoint Farm/s.   Let’s assume a SharePoint Farm has 5 web applications each mapped to a unique application pool.   While this gives you… Read More ›

Get icon for different file types SharePoint2010

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Follow sites SharePoint 2013

Just a few small steps and the issue will be solved!!!! following day i ran into a issue where i need to follow a site updates i.e. receive content, site or documents updates from news feeds. Surprisingly when i clicked… Read More ›