Save site as a template publishing site SharePoint 2013

Save site as a template

Save site as a template publishing site

We all know that SharePoint doesn’t support saving publishing sites as a template. I don’t recommend doing that anyway as the produced template will have errors and isn’t reliable to be used in production to create new sites off of. However, sometimes as a developer you need to save a publishing site as a template to see how SharePoint packages things. This can help you build your own custom web template which is a neat thing and replaces the need to save a publishing site as template.

Well, since the Save site as a template option is hidden from the publishing sites settings page we all used the following URL to go there directly:


Well, that is not going to work anymore in SharePoint 2013 if your site is a publishing site or have the publishing features activated. You basically get that following error: The “Save site as template” action is not supported on this site.

ErrorSaveSiteAsTemplate Save site as a template

In order to get around this issue you need to update a single property page value in your SPWeb object for the site you are trying to save as a template and you are good to go. The property is called SaveSiteAsTemplateEnabled. We need to set that property to true that’s all. This can be done in powershell.

# Get a reference to the target site
$web = Get-SPWeb

# Update the property bage value and set it  to the string value “true”
$web.AllProperties[“SaveSiteAsTemplateEnabled”] = “true”

# Commit the property change to server
save site as template powershell

Now if you navigate to the Save site as a template page using the URL directly it will show fine and it will allow you to save the site as a template which stores a copy in the Solution gallery of the site collection. Make sure you have enough space in your C drive temp folder because it uses that location as a staging directory.

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